Stop Holding Back

I started writing my first manuscript in a fit of passion. The words just poured out. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. I would awake at not having to jot down not. I would text myself passages while on lunch or riding in the car with my husband.

But then I began to reread it – and felt self-conscious. Was this character too much like..her? Does this sound like him. How much of my life or experiences was bleeding into my work. How could I let this happen. Would I still have family after this?

Filled with fear and doubt, I began to turn my back on my writing. I couldn’t risk more of myself bleeding into my work. I couldn’t face the danger of my words.

This was the worst mistake ever! Sometimes holding back and watching what you say is not in the best interest. You are not only putting the kibosh on your muse but you are silencing your voice. There is a story inside of you that is beating down the doors to get out. Why silence that story.

Let your story take you where it needs to lead you. Maybe you will end up with a memoir. Maybe after revisions you end up with a YA thriller that pays little resemblance to any aspect of your life. You will never know unless you get the story out.

Stop holding back.

A Kick In The Pants

I didn’t start out 2013 motivated.

I was beginning to grown tired of my novel. I was dedicating so much time and energy to it and it got to a point where I began to doubt my work. I doubted that the words on the page were good enough.

Twitter was abuzz with people getting agents and winning contests and I was revising – again.

Then 2 things happened to snap me out of my funk:

1. I found two great CP’s

2. I finally won a contest.

Finding my CP’s. I have a great CP that I found on and a great CP that I found via a contest I entered on Twitter. Having these writers get excited and provide a much needed jab in the right direction is so beneficial.

Winning a contest. I was on Twitter Friday and read about a flash fiction contest with a midnight deadline. I played around with entering because I was in a writing funk. But when I went home I couldn’t get the picture of the door out of my mind and BOOM it happened. That weekend, I couldn’t stop writing and regardless of whether I won, I had gotten my fire back. And entering actually paid off and I won:

I don’t know where you are in your writing. Maybe you are still in the honeymoon phase or maybe you and your work in progress are having a fight. Search within yourself and go find your needed kick in the pants. Here’s to hoping for continued productivity!