From the trenches: Revision Notes


So I have a “new goal” of finishing my revisions by this weekend. As you may recall, I figured I was overly ambitious with my previous goal of trying to finish by the middle of this week. Mothers Day, homework, and life got me this past week.

Below you will find some items I have learned from revisions so far:

Picture Book:
1. It is so effective and interesting to read the picture book story to young children. The questions they ask are both hilarious and insightful!

2. Even if you’ve read it a dozen times, you will still miss something.

3. Know your audience and don’t try to dumb it down too much just because it’s a picture book. Little kids are super smart and can interpret the smallest things.

The NA/Scifi

1. Show don’t tell. It’s deep and its real. Go visit websites, read a book, or ask a writer to “teach you the ways of the writing force.” I feel like after my final CP review and locking myself away for a weekend to truly study this, I NOW understand it – and immediately spot the issues in part of my novel.

2. Even if you’ve read it a dozen times, you will still miss something.

3. You see a lot of info dump in Scifi novels, which made me want to keep my writing tight. After receiving feedback and reading it again with “fresh eyes” I see where I need to add more info.

Where are you in revisions? What things have you noticed about your own work. Feel free to share in the comments below:)


4 thoughts on “From the trenches: Revision Notes”

    1. Revisions are so time consuming. I envy all the writers that say writing is their full time gig. Between work and managing home life, its hard to keep my eyes open some days.

  1. I notice that too. I was working on a piece last night and each time I read it I found something else I wanted to edit even after I was sure it was ready to send. When to stop reading? 😉

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