Paper Bag Revisions

As I previously reported, I greatly failed at trying to revise 10 picture books and a New Adult Science Fiction novel. Thus, during the month of June, I am trying to rectify this.

The picture books have been revised and I am now preparing to query. Hooray – I think:)

While doing revisions on the science fiction novel, I wanted a way to organize my main character’s days. This is a very important plot point for the novel and I really needed a way to see this in a BIG way. Cue the paper bag revision.

As I don’t have butcher paper just lying around, I took a brown grocery bag and cut it halfway and spread it out. See the photo below:



After cutting it, I made boxes and put in the chapters. For each chapter, I wrote the words “action” and “what day is this for the character.” Since I had an extra bit of paper left, I made little “family trees” for my major characters so I could keep track. This will help me greatly when writing the sequel:)

Here is another picture of my revision bag:


It is my hope that my revision paper bag will aid me while I incorporate notes from my CPs and add a little more meat to my story.

What are some things you have created for your book revisions?


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6 thoughts on “Paper Bag Revisions”

  1. Interesting. I’ve yet to attempt to write a book, but I am interested in how one goes about organizing and editing one. Thanks for sharing your tips and I’m glad you linked up to the hop!

  2. What a cool idea! I usually use notecards to help keep plot points organized. That way I can rearrange them really easily until everything fits together just the way I want. 🙂

      1. I keep the cards rubber banded together to keep them from getting lost. One rubber band marks my spot (holds together all the cards I’ve turned into pages). Another rubber band holds the whole group together. That way I can store them in one place so they won’t get mixed up, etc. 🙂

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