Giving Up

This summer has been tough!

I have been in grad school since January. Up until June, I thought I had everything balanced – home life, work life, school, side job, and of course my writing life.

This summer, I kicked things up with my coursework to ensure I finish in 18 months – and things went a little cray-cray!

Everything that could possibly happen – happened: work crazy, family crazy, sick crazy. Every possible crazy!!! While I prioritized my work, family, and school work something had to suffer and it had to be my writing.

It happens. I see the posts all the time. Life happens and sometimes we have to sacrifice our passion. I was slightly torn up about this at first because “what if I was never able to write again.”

How lame is that thinking!

What my break taught me was that nobody can kill my story. If that story was meant to see the light of day, it will eventually come out.

I have been so tired lately but I began reading my stories this weekend and everything has fell back into place. It’s like I never left it!

So to everyone that has been forced into a break – for whatever reason – don’t be sad. Your words are still inside of you. When you are ready, they will come out. Don’t give up!




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