Asking Why (and a writing dare!)

There are many mornings, that I question why I am writing books.  I don’t know about you, but my life is CRA-ZY! Between grad school, work, the mommy thing and the wife thing, it feels like I’m being pulled in several directions and my brain is made of Laffy Taffy. There are many days I’m lucky to get 6 hours of sleep (let alone words on a page). Why am I trying to write novels?

Then I look at my words.  They are all beautifully printed on the page (thanks to Staples). Seeing the words printed, makes it real to me. I wrote a book. A book.  That sounds amazing!  Just saying those words makes me sit up a little straighter as I bask in delusions of grandeur.  I push forward because hopefully one day it will be printed in MASS and shared with people all over the world. Pushing through the time to draft and revise while surviving on little sleep will be worth it because in the end I will be closer to my dream.  How many people can say that?


Your dare, if you choose to accept it, is to have your main character write a letter to their future self.  Make it wild and wacky or something meaningful.  If you want you can post interesting bits of your letter here.  I definitely would enjoy reading them throughout the day!


What inspires you?

Ideas race through my mind at various parts of the day.  Some days I am sitting at a traffic light perplexed by the actions of the car in to the left of me. Why are they rushing to answer their phone? Are those tears? Many times inspiration hits while dining out or having a quick coffee.  I sit with my phone or laptop and immerse myself in the people around me.  Why does that husband look so worried – is he worried that she knows.  I mean he doesn’t look like he meant to have the affair, things just got out of hand!

This is the wonderful and scary part of being a writer. Everything about the world excites and inspires me.  It is scary because sometimes it feels like this inner monologue never turns off.


What inspires you? Share in the comments below:)

Revisions: Knowing When To Stop

I simply got tired of looking at my book. I kept looking at the words and waiting for some situation to present itself (or some character to whisper in my ear) – and nothing happened. That is when I knew there was nothing else for me to do.

I feel that we often keep writing and force ourselves to write things that are not good. These words add nothing to the story and are just things that will get cut because they confuse the story or simply just weigh things down. It’s easy when trying to obtain certain word counts to try to push ourselves and add things that are not organic to the story we are telling. If you are not writing a love story, don’t try to force a kissing scene on the reader out of the blue. I mean does this even fit with your high energy police drama!

After examining each chapter and looking at each character, my story told me it was time to let go. It’s at this stage of revisions where you release it to other eyes. From there you make changes and then after reconciling all viewpoints, take comfort into sending it out into the world.

Good luck on your writing journeys:)

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Revisions: Taking a Holiday

I have heard many times that you need to take a step back from your novel before embarking on your revisions. This enables you to look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes.

I want to take this one step further. I say you need to take a holiday with your novel.
Yes, you need to take a break from it. You guys need space! Your mind has been on this great literary masterpiece for a LONG time, and if you don’t take a breather you could go crazy. But, I also believe you need to take a holiday with your novel. If possible take a quick trip out of town, check into a hotel in town, or simply hang out at the airport. I found doing revisions in a totally new environment worked wonders for me.
For example, I had particular coffee shops and restaurants that I drafted in. When doing revisions, I could not go back. I felt like I had drained all of the energy out of those places and needed somewhere new. I also took a vacation day from work simply to write and edit. Let me tell you, it was pure bliss!

Have you taken a holiday with your novel? How did it work for you?