What inspires you?

Ideas race through my mind at various parts of the day.  Some days I am sitting at a traffic light perplexed by the actions of the car in to the left of me. Why are they rushing to answer their phone? Are those tears? Many times inspiration hits while dining out or having a quick coffee.  I sit with my phone or laptop and immerse myself in the people around me.  Why does that husband look so worried – is he worried that she knows.  I mean he doesn’t look like he meant to have the affair, things just got out of hand!

This is the wonderful and scary part of being a writer. Everything about the world excites and inspires me.  It is scary because sometimes it feels like this inner monologue never turns off.


What inspires you? Share in the comments below:)

3 thoughts on “What inspires you?”

  1. Why does this not surprise me? I’m still wondering how the story ended with the woman who went shopping and left her husband with three small children in Panera. Although in reality, she did return with shopping bags — in OUR world, she escaped and drove to the airport. LOL.

    I always think people are undercover evil people. The old lady shopping is really a hit woman scoping out her next mark. Or quiet girl in the coffeehouse just killed her boyfriend and he’s in the trunk of her car.

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