Revisions: Repetitive Words

Many writers would say, an author usually writes like he/she talks. If you use “seriously” or “like” a lot in your daily speak, it is highly probable that it will turn up with some frequency in your novel.

In my case, the word is “immediately.”

I really don’t think I use the word much in my daily speak but it does creep up often in business emails and things of that nature. After making my novel into an Epub book so I could proofread it via my nook, my husband brought up one instance where it was used frequently – which then led me on a detailed search. My goodness, the results were never ending!

So my revision tip for this week is: look for repetitive words. Have your beta readers and CP’s make note of those words that crop up frequently. Also, if you are proofing on your own, read the first 3 chapters and notice words that pop up repeatedly. Adjust accordingly!

What words have popped up continuously in your writing?


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