Nanowrimo Prep: Get to know your characters

After you complete you decide on an idea and outline how you see your novel break down, it is time to introduce yourself to your characters.

For my stories, I start with my main characters. I ask myself the following questions:

1. Who is this person (where was she born, does she have an accent, what is her nationality)?

2. What is her motivation in this novel (revenge, love, greed)?

3. Where do I WANT her character to end up. (I highlight the word want because as a writer I recognize this may change once the story unfolds and the character truly presents his/her true self)?

I then take this information and write a little snippet. It is like a scene that introduces me to character via the questions above. Sometimes these items get implemented into the story but many times I just use these stories as a reference point when trying to flesh out the character.

How do you get to know your characters? Share in the comments below:


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