Nanowrimo Day 11: Momentum

There are many mornings, especially this morning, that I question why I am still doing this.

Don’t get me wrong, I am doing cartwheels because we have made it to week 2 and I have words on the page. Considering I changed books, this is awesome!

But I am extremely busy with work, the kids, and grad school –  why am I trying to finish a 50K novel in 30 days?

I am trying to finish 50K in 30 days because I have a story inside of me that is bursting to come out. I have built an awesome world filled with drugs, action, and fighting. I want to make this story perfect and share it with the world.

This makes me want to  push forward because at the end of November I will have a novel. At the end of November, I will be steps closer to sharing my words with the world.

That makes all the stress worth it:)

How are you progressing on your novel? Share in the comments below:


Nanowrimo Day 7: Changing the Game

Well, I tried!

I outlined, wrote character summaries, and got a few days into Nanowrimo – but I couldn’t make this story stick. I could not stop thinking about the book I had out with the editor and subsequently the detailed summary of changes needed to be made. When I went to work, drove through town, and even set the dinner table, I thought of Cycles and not my nano work.

Thus, a change has to be made.  I am now putting the nano work on the shelf and going back to Cycles. I really have to tell this story! I love this world and the editing process has just re-energized me. I will still participate in nano (heck I may even add another 50K to Cycles!). I love nano and the kick in the pants it gives authors in November to WRITE!

How is your novel coming? Share in the comments below: