December Goals

I originally posted this on the Dec-Oct Livejournal:

It has been a while since I posted, and I desperately need to post and get these goals out there. This quarter of grad school ended this past Sunday and gives me a 2 week break (1 of which is a vacation week from work!). So I feel the following goals should be obtainable:

1. Finish edits to Cycles. I sent this novel off to an editor for review because I need a little more than what my CPs were offering and she sent me 4 pages of great stuff! I love this novel – so much that I couldn’t get vested in my Nano project. I want to finish this book – need to finish this book:)
2. Write four blog posts for January. I really have to start building a little blog bank for myself because school and work are now draining my energy.

What are your December goals?