2013 Reflections

This will be my last post for 2013 and fittingly I have chosen to reflect on the year.

I began my blog journey on January. I had finished writing my first book and became brave enough to enter it into contests via Twitter. This opened me up to the Twitter writing community and the blogosphere – and I’m grateful.

As this year ends, I have now written 2 books, several blog posts, a few short stories, and won a few writing contests. More importantly I have connected with a fellow writer in the area (hey Karen!) and feel good about where I am heading. My second book has proven itself to be THE ONE (at least for me) as I cannot get the story out of my head and have been editing it since March 🙂

So to my 65 blog followers and 719 Twitter followers, I hope you have found my journey entertaining, encouraging, and insightful.  Thank you all for your comments, respect, and your support.

I hope that we will continue to support each other and grow in our writing journeys in 2014.




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