February Goals: Monday Check In!

As stated Feb. 3rd, my big goal is to get my novel ready for Betas by Feb. 21. I also wanted to write 6K fresh words. So here is my update:

1. I wrote 1,000 words last week.
2. I did a villain and love interest intensive where I basically charted out the character arcs and searched for ways to make these guys better.

So, in an AWESOME world, I would have knocked out all of my new words last week – but that didn’t happen! However, snow is expected this week so I am pushing myself to at least reach 2K this week. I will also be examining some of my lesser characters. I would love to hear how your writing goals are shaping up thus far.


It is with sadness that I announce that this is the last “I Hate Mondays” link up. The awesome diva over it is shutting the link up down because she has several awesome things happening in her life. Please click on the link and give her some well wishes. Also check out some of the other participants.



2 thoughts on “February Goals: Monday Check In!”

  1. you’re brave to track your progress on your blog! I almost never follow through (I always underestimate how long things will take. Writerly things) and I’d have to show that to my readers! Congrats on nearly having your book ready for betas! exciting!

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