February Goals: Mid-Month Check In

To recap, my big goal was to get my novel ready for Betas by Feb. 21 (though realistically I knew it would probably be Feb. 28). Last week, I also was pushing myself to do 2K words. Here are my stats for last week:
1. 1412 new words
2. I did a chapter by chapter breakdown. I basically charted what day of the week, the action, and the location. This also helped me note key character and pacing things about my novel. I will further breakdown my process in a post on Wednesday.
My goals for this week include:
1. Write all the words! I would love to knock out 2-3K words this week.
2. Fill in character gaps. When I did my breakdown chart, I uncovered a couple of characters that I left hanging. I think there is a little more to be said about these folks so I want to fill in the blanks!

Please feel free to share how your writing is coming:

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