Paper Bag Revisions (Part 2)



In June of last year, I posted about paper bag revisions (check out the post here:

Since I am revising again, I have revisited my technique and decided to share a few things I learned from this method.
1. Breakdown
Each square contains the following information: Cycle Day (this is important to my story); action; place; and new character introduced.
2. Characters
As mentioned in the earlier post, I have a little family tree on one of the flaps. Of course, not everyone is a family but characters are groups via affiliation. For example my main character is her own heading and there are a group of characters that are introduced that are central to her. Also my villain has her own heading and has a few characters that are central to her.
3. Action
I found this part of my box key to helping me zero in on possible pacing issues. For example, looking back and finding a boring chapter of a conversation in a bedroom (snooze!).
4. New Character Introduced
This was great is helping me keep track of who was doing what and also analyze if this person was necessary. I found one character that I honestly had forgotten about at the end of the book!

Of course this is just my method. I would love to hear about what you do to break down your novel:)

2 thoughts on “Paper Bag Revisions (Part 2)”

  1. This is very interesting. What a clever idea. Yeah, seeing it down physically on paper helps me as well. I can’t do the “virtual index card” I need to see and feel it. Continued good luck on revisions.

    1. I agree. I think that’s why I never connected with Scrivener. I tried it out but I just couldn’t get to have everything broken down digitally – I need to see something on my wall:)

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