Learning from retelling (and February Goal Update)

First off, I made it to 800 Twitter followers!!!! Now on to our regularly scheduled post:

As has been documented, my novel has been going through a lot of revisions. I think I’m on like my fourth set at the moment and it has definitely been full of learning moments. Recently, I found myself glaring at my novel and decided to ask my husband what he remembered about it – because basically he read it before ALL of my changes. This was a good tool to pick up on things that I had fixed and to catch other holes. Well, his recap sounded a little like this Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell, Golden Globes summary:

After pulling myself off of the floor from laughing, I actually did catch something. There were a set of characters that I definitely needed to flesh out a little to make more memorable. His hilarious recap of my novel helped me pick up on that.

So, my writerly advice today is to ask one of your early beta readers to explain your novel to you. I am willing to bet, you will pick up on something!
In February goal news, big goal was to write 6K fresh words and clean up my novel for send out by Feb. 28th. Here are my stats:
1. 3899 new words written since February 1st.
2. I found my last set of characters to re-tweak! Thus all my characters should be well-rounded:)
My goals for this week are to write 2101 words, and to spell-check and review before beta send outs. Please feel free to share your goals in the comments section.

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