Island of the Misfit Manuscripts

What happens to things in your manuscript drawer? You know that drawer with novels or stories that you start, the momentum dies for whatever reason, and it’s hidden away. My drawer currently contains:

  • An off-center women’s fiction
  • A picture book series (which really can be a cool chapter book)
  • A family drama (women’s fiction)

I also have a bevy of ideas that started on sticky notes (or Evernote) and now have migrated to their own Word documents. This list of items includes a romance novel, a women’s fiction with two narrators, and the sequel to my current NA SciFi novel.

So what happens to these items? In my case, I used pieces of that awesome picture book (potential chapter book) to create an entirely new picture book series. I still plan on revising the family drama but it needs a lot of work – it was my first ever novel! I figure after I finish grad school (August 2014), I will finally have time again. The off-center book may get finished as either a CampNanowrimo or Nanowrimo project. I have vacation coming up soon, so I’m eager to see which project screams the loudest.

What happens to the in your writing drawer? Sound off in the comments below:)

3 thoughts on “Island of the Misfit Manuscripts”

  1. I love the concept of misfit manuscripts and I have a drawerful too. Novel manuscripts I don’t have time to rewrite and edit, before I come up with something new I want to tackle. I will get to them…I promise.

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