What I Learned From Vacation

I cannot tell you the last time I took an entire week off from work.

I am a stereotypical worker bee. I am always looking for projects and trying to apply my knowledge. Also working in healthcare, its not like we had many holidays – hospitals are always open. So for the first time in forever, I took off Spring Break with my lovely daughters. I made it my mission to not even look at work (I checked my email only twice). I cleaned the house, revisited some old manuscripts, listened to two audio books, did homework (unavoidable), and WENT TO THE BEACH. 

It was just what the doctor ordered. 

There are so many fresh ideas in my head! I have fresh revamps for work issues, book issues, and new novel ideas. Vacation is amazing. So please, share in the comments – what do you do to refresh? Is there a certain number of days you need to take?

I can’t wait to hear from you:)


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