Know when to quit

I had a wave of nostalgia hit a few weeks ago and fished my first novel out of the drawer. I felt that this was the right time to try to revise it and make it meatier.

So I stared at it.

I did two online word sprints (one of which resulted in words being deleted).

I stared at it some more.

Finally, last night I got a flash of inspiration and words just rushed out! I could see the story. I loved these characters and the world I was creating. The only problem was that this was a new novel and not the one I was forcing myself to focus on.

I took it as a sign that I needed to quit.

We cannot force the words to happen – they happen when they want to. I feel it is a disservice to you and your reader to aimlessly toss out words when your heart is not really into the story. Thus, the first novel is going back in the drawer and I am now focusing on something new.

Have you recently quit a story?  What happened that made you throw in the towel?  Share in the comments below:)

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