Take a walk!

One good thing about transitioning between jobs is the opportunity to recoup.
For the past few years, I feel like I have been a prisoner in my own head. Between work, writing, school, and family my mind has been a swirl. I exercise when I get the chance but to be honest it does not happen as regularly as it should.

So this morning, I vowed to make a change. I put on my sweats and headed to a near park where I jogged/walked 1.5 miles. It was awesome and totally mind clearing.

I began to see my writing career and my health career with new clarity. The central theme I learned was to run my own race and take the time to let things happen. When you are on a trail, there are those that walk, those that race by, and those that are content at doing their own thing. I believe when you are content with doing your own thing, everything works out in the end.

Have you learned any lessons while out for a walk?


This is the first week that I have had nowhere to go. Recently I left the corporate world to embark on internship. While I wait for background checks and other red tapes to clear, I have a week to myself.
Life is so quiet.
After getting the kids to school, I clean. I take a break for homework (electives), clean some more, and glance at my WIP (so many ideas!). It finally dawned on me that I finally have time to read.

And it has been awesome!
I have read and reread so much great stuff. Reading is so important for a writer because it has the power to re-energize you. When I read a work that someone has put so much passion into, it makes me passionate about my own work. I feel supercharged to outline, write, and create.
And isn’t that passion what writing is all about.
How do you embrace the stillness in your life?

May Goals

The sun is shining and it is actually warm in Georgia. I don’t know about you but the sunshine surely does improve my mood! I will be totally honest and say that the past 8 weeks has been hazardous for my writing (both blog and the MS). But now since the end is in sight and graduation is approaching, I feel prepared to truly meet my goals. This month I hope to accomplish:
1. At least one post every Monday with possibly one additional two Wednesdays a month.
2. 1500 fresh words towards a new MS. I have outlined two new books – one a MG and one is a SciFi NA (maybe).
3. Revise a former 10 picture book series into a kick butt chapter book.

What’s on your plate for May? Share in the comments below!