May Goals

The sun is shining and it is actually warm in Georgia. I don’t know about you but the sunshine surely does improve my mood! I will be totally honest and say that the past 8 weeks has been hazardous for my writing (both blog and the MS). But now since the end is in sight and graduation is approaching, I feel prepared to truly meet my goals. This month I hope to accomplish:
1. At least one post every Monday with possibly one additional two Wednesdays a month.
2. 1500 fresh words towards a new MS. I have outlined two new books – one a MG and one is a SciFi NA (maybe).
3. Revise a former 10 picture book series into a kick butt chapter book.

What’s on your plate for May? Share in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “May Goals”

  1. I still don’t see how you do it all. I bow down to your resolve.

    So glad that things are freeing up for you and that the Sun and Vitamin D is helping both of us get back sane.

    Look forward to hearing more about your goals in our Write Dates this May. 🙂

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