Camp Nanowrimo Day 21: The end is your friend

I had a wonderful writing date with @KarenMusings this weekend.

Previously, I have shared on how important it is to have writer friends. These are great people to bounce ideas off of, get advice, and provide much-needed moral support because writing is HARD!

One major thing that happened this weekend is that I wrote the ending for my Camp Nanowrimo project. Now, this does not mean that I am done with my novel – far from it. I still have TONS of words to write. But knowing the ending, tremendously helps my writing because now I truly know where I am going.

I consider myself a plotter. I started this project and my last project with an outline. After pantsing my very first novel, I discovered that outlining was my friend. However I also get to a point in each novel where I’m stuck and in order to re-energize myself, I have to know my ending. After this is established, I find it much easier to fill in the blanks for how all of my characters got there.

When writing your novel, do you outline? Do you prefer to write your ending first?

Share your writing tips and methods in the comments below.

Camp Nanowrimo Day 14: Everything is Peachy Keen

So is everyone settling into camp? Have you learned any new songs, toasted marshmallows, and figured out where your characters are going next?

The beautiful thing about drafting a story is that it can literally go anywhere. Your outline may say Becky Sue dies in Chapter 3 but low in behold if Chapter 2 doesn’t having Becky Sue becoming immortal after drinking a mysterious elixir. Ain’t drafting grand:)

My current stats: I have written on 9 out of the 13 days. I am very pleased with this number because honestly I thought it would be a whole lot less! I can’t say I have hit my daily world goal on these days, but I have written words and that is the greatest accomplishment. My schedule ebbs and flows (often leaning more towards the crazy side than the calm side) thus I want to use this time to really settle into a daily writing routine.

I hope everyone is still enjoying writing and loving their camp cabins. If you are participating in Camp Nanowrimo please post something about your experience so far in the comments below.

Camp Nanowrimo: Day 9 (Not doing fine!)

Hello Campers! So its only Day 9 of camp and I am behind.

I started camp a little late and I’m still trying to add the words necessary to finish 30K in a month. To many of you, this may sound daunting but I am optimistic. I outlined a great story and I make myself write something about any of my outlined scenes each day. So something gets down (some days 200 words, some days 15).

Also, I have continued to read during camp. This is very motivating! I just finished Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Not only was this book awesomely entertaining, it was also motivation to keep perfecting my craft and cranking out words. Don’t you love when a book does that!

How are your writing goals coming?

July Goals: Let Camp Begin!

So I did accomplish my May word goals and reading goals.

My big goal for July is to reach 30K words for my Middle Grade novel. I have a lively cabin in Camp Nanowrimo and I am ready.

Unfortunately, this week did not start off well. I started my internship and the new juggling has taken its toll. I think, I have figured out my schedule now and I am looking forward to writing all the words – daily! For the next 27 days, I have a daily word goal of 1150 words.

I am up for the challenge – are you?

Please feel free to share your writing goals in the comments:)