July Goals: Let Camp Begin!

So I did accomplish my May word goals and reading goals.

My big goal for July is to reach 30K words for my Middle Grade novel. I have a lively cabin in Camp Nanowrimo and I am ready.

Unfortunately, this week did not start off well. I started my internship and the new juggling has taken its toll. I think, I have figured out my schedule now and I am looking forward to writing all the words – daily! For the next 27 days, I have a daily word goal of 1150 words.

I am up for the challenge – are you?

Please feel free to share your writing goals in the comments:)


2 thoughts on “July Goals: Let Camp Begin!”

  1. Good luck with your writing goals! Mine are a lot less ambitious I’m afraid – I’m trying to write around 500 words a day. Sometimes I manage it, others I don’t, but if I can’t manage it, I don’t beat myself up over it!

    1. I agree! I set these goals and I used to feel bad but now I feel like we shouldn’t rush the process. Let the words come when they come:) Thanks for your comment!

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