Camp Nanowrimo Day 21: The end is your friend

I had a wonderful writing date with @KarenMusings this weekend.

Previously, I have shared on how important it is to have writer friends. These are great people to bounce ideas off of, get advice, and provide much-needed moral support because writing is HARD!

One major thing that happened this weekend is that I wrote the ending for my Camp Nanowrimo project. Now, this does not mean that I am done with my novel – far from it. I still have TONS of words to write. But knowing the ending, tremendously helps my writing because now I truly know where I am going.

I consider myself a plotter. I started this project and my last project with an outline. After pantsing my very first novel, I discovered that outlining was my friend. However I also get to a point in each novel where I’m stuck and in order to re-energize myself, I have to know my ending. After this is established, I find it much easier to fill in the blanks for how all of my characters got there.

When writing your novel, do you outline? Do you prefer to write your ending first?

Share your writing tips and methods in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo Day 21: The end is your friend”

  1. Plot Chick checking in!

    I’m an outliner and I also need to know the ending as well. My ending has changed several times but in the past, once I figured out the ending, it’s like my guidepost and it gives me something to write towards.

    Continued good luck on your WIP!

  2. I’m a mix of both. An idea gets into my head, and I ask it where it ends. If there’s not a good answer, I walk away from it. Sometimes it revisits with a good answer, and I’m willing to listen. After that, I admit I’m a pantser. I’m one of those people who, mid-shampoo lather, realizes the next part of the story and has to run around the house dripping to get it down.

    1. That totally happens to me as well. I was searching the web and found a waterproof notepad that you can stick in your shower. It must have been invented by a writer!

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