October Inspiration

I have one of the most awesome writing partners ever (yep, let your jealously ensue).

Even when our work lives are crazy, we find a way to motivate each other and meet up for a “write date.” Panera Bread has been the site of many revised chapters, character monologues, and chapter deletions. It has also served as a possible distraction and writing inspiration due to the great people watching.

You know, you see a man studying in the dark glaring eerily into the distance – plotting how he who break up his best friend’s wedding. Or that time a wife went next door to the children’s store, leaving her husband to watch the kids. An hour later, she hasn’t returned. Did she walk around the complex, or catch the train to the airport.

It’s like this date night scene ON STEROIDS!

It’s little moments like this that solidify that a writing life is for me. The stories just come so easily in my head and I love creating them.

What in your everyday life inspire you to write? Share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “October Inspiration”

    1. It totally makes sense. People’s mannerisms are very interesting to watch like why people use there hands when they talk or dating mannerisms, etc. It’s possible that this avid curiosity is what makes us great storytellers:) Have a great week and thanks for commenting!

  1. I’ve just read this post! I’m so glad that it’s after-hours in the office because I just laughed SO hard out loud!

    You’re the best Phalia! See you at our next write date! 🙂

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