NanoWrimo 2015 Reflection

So here’s the dirty: I think I wrote for 2 out of 30 days but I actually prepped for about 2 weeks. I’m serious! I mean I marked up my existing draft, reordered pages, and figured out a plan for my writing.

So what happened? How did I go wrong?

Sadly its cliché but it’s my honest to goodness answer – I was busy. Work has been kicking my butt and this neglect in writing has also reflected a neglect in me. I have decreased my working out and not been taking good care of me (just ask my new expanded mid-section).

Writing, far from being the thing that could produce a book, gave me piece of mind by letting me imagine and dream and create words. It also allowed me a great avenue to blow off steam at society’s ills via my blog posts or writing crazy characters in my novels. However, things have changed and now I work long hours, come home, eat, treat myself to decadent desserts, and go to sleep. I am stifling myself mentally and physically and my hope and promise to myself is to do better – be better- in the new year.

How did you do on NanoWrimo and how do you balance writing and your life?

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