2015 Reflections: (Harry) Potter Revisited


I contemplated a lot over things I experienced, lessons learned, and great moments from 2015. As with every recent year, I feel I have learned a lot about myself and hope to use this knowledge to make great decisions in the new year. This week, I will share some of my 2015 reflections in regards to books, my life, and my writing. Today, I will start with my 2015 book journey.

2015 saw me tackling two projects: one a SciFi revision and the other a MG fantasy. My life was also really busy but I didn’t want to shut out my writing -however, I lacked the motivation to really make anything work. Thus, I gave myself two book challenges which entailed rereading The Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter series.

Both were like snuggling in a comfortable blanket. When life was hectic, it was nice to revisit books that I had enjoyed. In the case of Potter, it was great to read what I consider a “how to” of children’s lit. Below I have given you a book by book takeaway of my renewed thoughts on this series:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: This is the epitome of a great book and the ultimate “how to” in writing a great MG book. I love the way JK Rowling builds this world. Also shout out to the great literary tool of foreshadowing which now after I have read and re-read the series (and watched the ABC Family movie marathon), I wonder how I slept on some of this foreshadowing. For example in chapter 6 some great foreshadowing is laid about Quirrell (and the centaurs predicted the book 7 war).

Another great thing I enjoyed was there was a good build-up. We didn’t make it to chapter 2 and Harry already had his ragtime group of friends and things were great. No sir! We get to experience life at The Dursley’s, shopping for school, and the celebrity status – all before our dynamic threesome is fully formed in Chapter 9.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Is this where we truly realize how awesome Hermione is? I think so. I feel like people may have been a little “iffy” on Hermione in the first book but in book 2 I really JUST LOVED Hermione. I mean, I was actually shocked Harry was able to save the day thus I want to officially request another 7 book series just based on Hermione’s point of view. #puttingitoutthere

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Was this the filler book? Loved the introduction of Lupin, hated Pettigrew. I mean that is the takeaway from here to book 7 how much I just despise Pettigrew and maybe because we all know a Pettigrew. He’s lurking in the shadows at school, work, or even the mommy group just trying to be apart of things but never truly loyal to anybody. Ugh!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Cho Chang. The dark lord came back and stuff which I was all excited about the first time I read this book but during the reread – man Cho Chang! JK Rowling did a great job really showing Harry’s emotion and just really all the kids as they experience crushes and first loves.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Um, can we trade in this whiney kid who has taken over Harry’s body. If I didn’t have my own whiney, sulky teenager – and thus understood this sudden mood change – I would have flushed this book down the toilet like Ginny trying to flush Riddle’s diary!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: I now hate Cho Chang and you have to understand that until recently I thought that JK got it wrong and Harry and Cho were truly meant to be but clearly the movies and my first time reading just masked that Cho was a little crazy! How the heck did I miss this!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Wow, so it just dawned on me that all of the authors of the marauder’s map are dead – like for real – that happened! I was not shocked about Dudley in this book. To me, Dudley was like Harry’s evil older brother and once you realize that your little brother may die or you will not see them again, the tears start and things get terrible. Younger siblings are just destined to get terrorized – sorry! rite of passage.

Revisit Potter for yourself and nab all the books via Pottermore.

What are your thoughts on Harry Potter? Have you revisited any series and had differing opinions of the characters? Comment below!

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