2015 Reflections: My Life

If you are still tuned into the blog – bless you! I love you for your support and for coming back on today as I reflect upon my life and more importantly lessons learned.

When looking back, I think my writer friend sums it up best: SELF CARE.

2015 literally saw me running all over the place via my main job, my side gig, and my home life. I learned that self care is not just about nails and hair (although these two are very important as my hair had some definite neglect), it’s about your overall well-being. I have narrowed down my personal highlights of 2015 into a top 3:

1. Passion Project: I reconnected to doing what I LOVE – Communications Consultant Work. I love being able to craft words and help people relay their story. Whether I do it on the political arena or for a little mom and pop that needs to build its brand, its where I feel the most alive. I really allowed myself to step outside my comfort zone in this area this year and subsequently in brought newfound swagger back to my life. I became my vocal about my abilities and more confident in my skill set.

2. Pescetarian Challenge: My health was failing from my amplified work load in 2015. I put on some pounds, was feeling tired and cranky, and just really started to feel not like myself. The end of the year, saw me rededicating myself to my health. In December I did a 21 day Pescetarian Challenge that saw me only eating veggies and seafood. I also cut back on my junk food snacking and huge desserts that were serving to comfort me in stressful time. Once a healthy stretcher and walker, I greatly decreased my activities during the fall. Thus in December, I began making a conscious effort to wake up early and meditate and stretch. HUGE RESULTS followed. January saw a 5 pound weight drop, increase in energy, and overall healthy feeling returning.

3. Feeling Pretty: Dang it,  I’m not old and decided to stop dressing like it. I changed to another department in my company that is a little more laid back and to be honest I really did not want to be here. But honey, I gave up the ghost and I wore heels like nobody’s business. I am also proud to say I have learned what clothing and shoe styles work for me. On the makeup front I tried some pink lipstick (not for me) but discovered purple tones were my thing!

Did you learn any personal lessons about yourself in 2015? What are you doing for YOURSELF in 2016? Share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “2015 Reflections: My Life”

  1. So glad you reconnected with your passion project. It’s seems to be your gift because you. Are good at it. Let me know if we need to buy more heels. Also down for shoe shopping!

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