30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1

What smell are you grateful for today?

Expensive perfume. So it sounds really weird but I grew up incredibly poor and one of the most awesome things I remember my mother and aunts spending money on was Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds (which back in the day, cost a pretty penny). Even when I would go to friends’ houses, their mothers would have like a special area for their perfume and kids knew NOT to touch the good stuff unless you were going to a special occasion (prom, family wedding, etc.)

Writing connection:  I am blogging my 30 days of gratitude as I do revision to my novel because I want to think of more human attributes to add to my MC. I think gratitude is a great human attribute that we overlook because so often when we are chasing the superficial when forget about the small stuff.

What smell are you grateful for?

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