30 Days of Gratitude: Day 2

What technology are you grateful for?

I am grateful for laptops (and just computers in general)!

I am an eighties baby, so I clearly remember using microfilm for school research, going to the resource desk to ask for an “M” from the Encyclopedia Britannica, and how expensive computers seemed to my family when they burst on the scenes in the 1990s.

As someone who thought they were going to be an old school author, I purchased a typewriter once so I could hand type each and every page. After page 10, I realized that I was NOT that author! I generously gifted that typewriter to someone else.

With computers, we can quickly research things (and order takeout) with a few keystrokes. Also, with my laptop, my novel and writing needs go with me as I travel endlessly for work or have a write date with friends!

Writing connection:  I am blogging my 30 days of gratitude, as I do revisions to my novel, because I want to think of more human attributes to add to my MC. I think gratitude is a great human attribute that we overlook because so often when we are chasing the superficial we forget about the small stuff.

What technology are you grateful for?

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