30 Days of Gratitude: Day 5

What sound are you grateful for today?


As a wife, mother, coworker, sister, friend, scientist – whew this list could get long – there is a lot of talking in my life. I am a story teller and story lover so usually I will listen to anybody or anything. But some days, when I am feeling tired and overwhelmed, silence is golden. These are the days that I hunker down in my cubicle. Load up my podcast and consider if I really have to go eat lunch ( I mean I think the grapes and yogurt in my bag can hold me!). Silence is golden. Silence makes way for stillness and for me this is peace.

Writing connection: I am blogging my 30 days of gratitude, as I do revisions to my novel, because I want to think of more human attributes to add to my MC. I think gratitude is a great human attribute that we overlook because so often when we are chasing the superficial we forget about the small stuff.

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