Revisions: Adding More Words

So one of the comments I got during the beta was to add more. I was writing a Science Fiction novel and I did not want it to get too wordy – I’ve ready plenty of stories like that. However, I agreed with my betas and CP that a little more explanation was needed in some areas. Thus to add a little length, I did the following:


  1. I went through all the areas noted by my CP. I had a great CP and any area highlighted with the words MORE I heeded.
  2. I wrote short stories for each of my pivotal characters. I then read through the story to ensure that my character descriptions aligned with how they were written in my story. This helped tremendously in dialogue and further describing certain scenes.
  3. I picked through spots to analyze: the beginning (in this case my prologue), the absolute middle, and the end. I checked these areas to ensure the sections engaged the readers.

What do you do to beef up your novels?