Liebster Award


After a whirlwind Tuesday, I recieved awesome news: I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Rebecca McKeown. Check out her awesome blog here:

According to internet reports:
Once tagged, if you want to participate, create a post in which you will share the instructions, link back to the blog who nominated you, and nominate your own set of 3-5 nominees, keeping in mind the goal of the award! Then be sure to let them know on their blog that you have nominated them.

A cool factoid is that I am to nominate blogs I enjoy: especially the new ones. Take it from me, doing a weekly blog is a lot of work. I feel its my duty to spread the love to some of my fellow hard working bloggers!

My nominations are:

One of the most informative writing blogs:
Carissa Taylor

A Funny Parenting Blog (note the word Funny)
Diary of a Reluctant Mother (Deni Lynn Miller)

A good blog on varied toppings (compassion, biracial parenting, EVERYTHING!)
Rochelle Fritsch