Balancing Act

Many of my March goals have been put on the back burner. Earlier this month, I set 4 goals for completion this month and then the sky fell down.

I am a graduate student and as graduation gets closer my classes have become more demanding. Another plate I also balance is the life of a wife and mother and, oh yeah, the responsibilities of a full-time job. I think I have done a pretty good job in the past but this quarter, the plate containing my writing responsibility crashed down pretty quickly.

But it’s okay. I love to write and I love a challenge! Often times in life, we must learn how to balance so we can keep some tiny part of sanity. Since I love the release I get from writing, I know I must find a way to keep it alive in my life. So Monday through Thursday is pretty much homework all the time (lunch and after dinner). In between this I do my family thing and my work thing. I have now decided to dedicate Saturdays to at least an hour for myself – so writing and revising can get done.

How are you balancing your writing, work, and family life? Share in the comments below!