March Goals

I hope that you had a productive February. My revisions are done and the book is back out to Betas. I was able to draft a picture book story over the weekend and have been thinking of things to do in March. My list is as follows:

1. Revise the picture book.
2. Draft at least 2 more picture book stories.
3. Review my SciFi story based on Beta/CP suggestions.
4. Try to build up a bevy of blog posts for this blog and my business blog.

What are your goals for March?

2013 Reflections

This will be my last post for 2013 and fittingly I have chosen to reflect on the year.

I began my blog journey on January. I had finished writing my first book and became brave enough to enter it into contests via Twitter. This opened me up to the Twitter writing community and the blogosphere – and I’m grateful.

As this year ends, I have now written 2 books, several blog posts, a few short stories, and won a few writing contests. More importantly I have connected with a fellow writer in the area (hey Karen!) and feel good about where I am heading. My second book has proven itself to be THE ONE (at least for me) as I cannot get the story out of my head and have been editing it since March 🙂

So to my 65 blog followers and 719 Twitter followers, I hope you have found my journey entertaining, encouraging, and insightful.  Thank you all for your comments, respect, and your support.

I hope that we will continue to support each other and grow in our writing journeys in 2014.



Time for Review!

I started this blog in January. Like all writers, I wanted to not only build up a social presence on the web but I really wanted to write. I have written stories since I was little girl and I love the written word. Once I started blogging, I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to get started.

With that being said, I thought it would be fun to share some of my “greatest hits!” I hope you enjoy them and continue to join me on my writing journey.

High number of views

I picked two blog post that I enjoyed writing that I had a high number of views. My interview with indie writer Woodrow Wilkins was from this week. I love interviewing people and it was awesome to interview someone I knew personally who also is on a writing journey. Check out his post by clicking the photo:


Another highly viewed post was on editing. As I am currently in revisions (it’s never ending!), I have been reviewing this one:


Most comments

I love Ashley Farley.  She hosted February Write-A-Thon and it changed my life! I finished Book 1 of a NA Scifi series and met a bunch of great writing buddies in the process.  Below, she gives notes on revision:


Finally, I LOVE Scandal.  Love it! Love it! Love it! In the post below, I wrote about how one episode gave me insight about fear:


Liebster Award


After a whirlwind Tuesday, I recieved awesome news: I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Rebecca McKeown. Check out her awesome blog here:

According to internet reports:
Once tagged, if you want to participate, create a post in which you will share the instructions, link back to the blog who nominated you, and nominate your own set of 3-5 nominees, keeping in mind the goal of the award! Then be sure to let them know on their blog that you have nominated them.

A cool factoid is that I am to nominate blogs I enjoy: especially the new ones. Take it from me, doing a weekly blog is a lot of work. I feel its my duty to spread the love to some of my fellow hard working bloggers!

My nominations are:

One of the most informative writing blogs:
Carissa Taylor

A Funny Parenting Blog (note the word Funny)
Diary of a Reluctant Mother (Deni Lynn Miller)

A good blog on varied toppings (compassion, biracial parenting, EVERYTHING!)
Rochelle Fritsch

Editing Out Loud


So I recently read an article by a blogger/writer that advised authors not to read your stories out loud.

The author wrote that stories are meant to be read on paper and that it would not benefit you to hear your story read.

I’m gonna have to disagree with that one.

Having my story read to me, read at me, spoken OUT LOUD has helped me immensely.  I have been able to:

1.  Edit

Even after having several eyes read over stuff, you will still miss things.  But after downloading the software to have the computer voice read my novel to me, I have caught so much.  Missed periods, double words, word that should be plural, etc.

 2.  Check Pacing

Having my story read out loud has helped me to detect dragging passages.  When it feels like the computer lady is just going and going but nothing is happening.  Yep that’s a pacing issue and I need to tighten it up.

 3.  See What Works

I detected something the other day where I needed to add a few paragraphs of explanation.  Again this is a passage that I have read through several times but just mentally skipped over this part.

Now, I am not a paid endorser of any particular software.  I am currently using a free version of Free Natural Reader (FYI on the free version you only get the computer voice, the cooler natural voice is on the paid version).  Ashley Farley recently mentioned the voice/dictation option for MAC OS.  Check her post here:  Finally, if you won Nanowrimo or participated in Nanowrimo you can get a discount on Dragon text to speech software (see here: ). FYI if you won, the coupon code for half-off has expired:(

In the end, on this journey to becoming an author you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t.  For me, hearing my novel is very beneficial.

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