Camp Nanowrimo Day 21: The end is your friend

I had a wonderful writing date with @KarenMusings this weekend.

Previously, I have shared on how important it is to have writer friends. These are great people to bounce ideas off of, get advice, and provide much-needed moral support because writing is HARD!

One major thing that happened this weekend is that I wrote the ending for my Camp Nanowrimo project. Now, this does not mean that I am done with my novel – far from it. I still have TONS of words to write. But knowing the ending, tremendously helps my writing because now I truly know where I am going.

I consider myself a plotter. I started this project and my last project with an outline. After pantsing my very first novel, I discovered that outlining was my friend. However I also get to a point in each novel where I’m stuck and in order to re-energize myself, I have to know my ending. After this is established, I find it much easier to fill in the blanks for how all of my characters got there.

When writing your novel, do you outline? Do you prefer to write your ending first?

Share your writing tips and methods in the comments below.

March Goals

I hope that you had a productive February. My revisions are done and the book is back out to Betas. I was able to draft a picture book story over the weekend and have been thinking of things to do in March. My list is as follows:

1. Revise the picture book.
2. Draft at least 2 more picture book stories.
3. Review my SciFi story based on Beta/CP suggestions.
4. Try to build up a bevy of blog posts for this blog and my business blog.

What are your goals for March?

Nanowrimo: After November

You wrote your heart out and now you have something shiny and new. Well, I will be honest – I did not win (in the tradition 50K words nano winning!). However, I did start on a new book and shelved it to do edits on a book I started on in February (via a nano like event!).

My goal in December is to finalize my February book. I do not want to send anything out in the world that is not perfect and that I feel is not conveying the story that I want to tell. In regards to my Nanowrimo story – it is shelved. It will not be forgotten because as soon as these edits are done, the November book will see light again.

What are your post nano plans? Share in the comments below:



When February began, I immediately began to think about how I managed my time.

I am embarking on revisions for my first book. This is exciting because I have sent it out in the world to get feedback and am loving all the help/guidance I am receiving. Also this month, I am participating in Ashley Farley’s Write- A-Thon ( I am using this opportunity to draft a NA novel that I think is going to be a kick butt series. Super excited about that!

Anyway, back to time. There are 24 hours in a day. If you think about it, this is a massive amount of seconds, minutes, and hours that gets whittled down daily based on our activities. But the fact remains that we start each day with 24 hours at our disposal.

For me:

6a I wake up, deal with kids, prep for work, and get to work

730 I arrive at work. I spend 8 1/2 hours here with the 1/2 being my lunch.

400 I begin my commute home

0445 I am usually home. I will clean and cook for the family

0630 Usually when I try to have dinner ready

0700 try to take a walk with the family but now its getting colder so this time is usually watching TV time

0745-0800 getting the kids ready for bed

0800-1100 watching TV, on the computer, random time wasting

1100-1130 trying to go to sleep

I outlined this schedule this summer because I was trying to “find the time” to write. After a thorough look at my schedule, I see that the time has always been there – I just choose not to utilize it. I mean, I sit at my desk for lunch and usually read People magazine online. The time that I’m prepping for dinner, I usually have a quiet 30 minutes where no one is home and something is simmering and doesn’t require my attention. Also there are three solid hours at night where I don’t HAVE to watch TV – that’s why I have a DVR.

I am full of excuses and putting it on paper really spelled it out. Now, I have kids and life happens so something usually does pop up. But in the end, there is no excuse for me to not write.

The time has always been there.