Amping Up

Well, I got up and stretched.

I have been wanting to do this for month and actually started off early 2014 with this morning ritual of light stretching and a little yoga. It felt good to stretch this morning. I feel like it opened my mind and body up for the day.

Although, I did not have time for editing this morning (late again!), I have always felt that I am an evening or even a lunchtime writer. I remain undeterred and have set my goals for January:

1.) Stretch every morning.

2.) Finish editing/revisions by January 30.

3.) Try to write something everyday. (I’m not giving myself a word count goal).

How are you “amping up” in January?

Revisions: Knowing When To Stop

I simply got tired of looking at my book. I kept looking at the words and waiting for some situation to present itself (or some character to whisper in my ear) – and nothing happened. That is when I knew there was nothing else for me to do.

I feel that we often keep writing and force ourselves to write things that are not good. These words add nothing to the story and are just things that will get cut because they confuse the story or simply just weigh things down. It’s easy when trying to obtain certain word counts to try to push ourselves and add things that are not organic to the story we are telling. If you are not writing a love story, don’t try to force a kissing scene on the reader out of the blue. I mean does this even fit with your high energy police drama!

After examining each chapter and looking at each character, my story told me it was time to let go. It’s at this stage of revisions where you release it to other eyes. From there you make changes and then after reconciling all viewpoints, take comfort into sending it out into the world.

Good luck on your writing journeys:)

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Time for Review!

I started this blog in January. Like all writers, I wanted to not only build up a social presence on the web but I really wanted to write. I have written stories since I was little girl and I love the written word. Once I started blogging, I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to get started.

With that being said, I thought it would be fun to share some of my “greatest hits!” I hope you enjoy them and continue to join me on my writing journey.

High number of views

I picked two blog post that I enjoyed writing that I had a high number of views. My interview with indie writer Woodrow Wilkins was from this week. I love interviewing people and it was awesome to interview someone I knew personally who also is on a writing journey. Check out his post by clicking the photo:


Another highly viewed post was on editing. As I am currently in revisions (it’s never ending!), I have been reviewing this one:


Most comments

I love Ashley Farley.  She hosted February Write-A-Thon and it changed my life! I finished Book 1 of a NA Scifi series and met a bunch of great writing buddies in the process.  Below, she gives notes on revision:


Finally, I LOVE Scandal.  Love it! Love it! Love it! In the post below, I wrote about how one episode gave me insight about fear: