I totally want a do over for my weekend. It was filled with things that drained my energy and gave me the blues.

1. I possibly sprained my finger and had to buddy band it.
2. I did not understand anything related to my stats homework.
3. Bored kids wrote foul language on several driveways on my street with hard to remove liquid chalk (and you know my house was one of the houses).

Between all the scrubbing and popping Tylenol for pain, writing this weekend – especially Sunday was a no go for me. I tried my hardest to think of the little girl on adventures with her blanket and a talking fish but I could not focus.

What I could think about was an evil witch who catches to trouble making teens and wooshes them to another dimension where they have to fight colorful squiggly line creature that are incapable of dying. See how I just created a story plot from my life!

So that is my writing lesson for today – sometimes life will hand you crazy things. A good writer knows how to shape these things into something amazing. Don’t fear the graffiti; recognize the art.

How was your weekend?