2014: Year in Review

2014 was a year of personal and professional growth for me.

I lost people I loved this year, dealt with illness within my family, and had some shakeups that overall I feel helped me define myself as a person. I have always prided myself on knowing WHO I AM but this year really made me meditate on this.

Major 2014 milestones included:

1. Making a year’s worth of revisions to Cycles. (This book is going to be awesome!)

2. Graduating with my MPH.

3. Changing jobs.

4. Reaching over 100 followers on the blog:)

5. Going on my first beach vacation! (seriously how had this not happened before)

When ever I look back on my life, I look for growth. Change is apart of life and I strive to get better with every breath I take. What were your highlights in 2014 and what are you looking forward to in 2015. Share below!

June Goals (And May Update)

The end of May proved a good time for rest. As I transition into a new position, the time at home has given me the chance to truly clear my mind. I have gotten perspective on things that need revision and a new project. And I have read MANY books (so exciting)!

As for my goals, May was horrible. I did not post regularly to the blog, I almost achieved my 1500 new words goal on my MG book, and I did not revise the PB.

So with all of that said, I have set the following goals for June:

1. Read at least 3 more books. I have missed reading and it’s really the most beneficial thing for writers.

2. 1500 fresh words towards the MG book. I like keeping the word count goals low for now. I’m working on not trying to push the process and let creativity flow.

3. Try to blog at least once a week.

What’s on your plate for June? Share in the comments below!

Balancing Act

Many of my March goals have been put on the back burner. Earlier this month, I set 4 goals for completion this month and then the sky fell down.

I am a graduate student and as graduation gets closer my classes have become more demanding. Another plate I also balance is the life of a wife and mother and, oh yeah, the responsibilities of a full-time job. I think I have done a pretty good job in the past but this quarter, the plate containing my writing responsibility crashed down pretty quickly.

But it’s okay. I love to write and I love a challenge! Often times in life, we must learn how to balance so we can keep some tiny part of sanity. Since I love the release I get from writing, I know I must find a way to keep it alive in my life. So Monday through Thursday is pretty much homework all the time (lunch and after dinner). In between this I do my family thing and my work thing. I have now decided to dedicate Saturdays to at least an hour for myself – so writing and revising can get done.

How are you balancing your writing, work, and family life? Share in the comments below!

March Goals

I hope that you had a productive February. My revisions are done and the book is back out to Betas. I was able to draft a picture book story over the weekend and have been thinking of things to do in March. My list is as follows:

1. Revise the picture book.
2. Draft at least 2 more picture book stories.
3. Review my SciFi story based on Beta/CP suggestions.
4. Try to build up a bevy of blog posts for this blog and my business blog.

What are your goals for March?

February Goals: The End!

Earlier this month I set several goals in regards to a book I was revising. Without further ado, here is how it turned out:

  1. Wrote 4381/6000 new words. I originally set a goal of 6,000 new words thinking that would be needed for my story. Well after deleting, character development, and world building I came in under 6K words – and I’m fine with that. I never wanted to push the words and I feel comfortable with where my story is.
  2. Researched agents for query. I followed #MSWL on Twitter and that was super helpful. I am eager to begin the process sometime in March.
  3. Send novel to Betas/CP. It is going out today!!! Can you envision me doing my happy dance:)

I hope you all were able to reach your goals in February. I am looking forward to drafting a new project in March, so don’t forget to check in on me!

February Goals: Monday Check In!

As stated Feb. 3rd, my big goal is to get my novel ready for Betas by Feb. 21. I also wanted to write 6K fresh words. So here is my update:

1. I wrote 1,000 words last week.
2. I did a villain and love interest intensive where I basically charted out the character arcs and searched for ways to make these guys better.

So, in an AWESOME world, I would have knocked out all of my new words last week – but that didn’t happen! However, snow is expected this week so I am pushing myself to at least reach 2K this week. I will also be examining some of my lesser characters. I would love to hear how your writing goals are shaping up thus far.


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Goals Check-In

I set some big deal goals at the beginning of the month and now it is crunch time!

I had hoped to be finished with my big deal revisions to Cycles by month’s end. So that gives me until Friday to GET IT DONE:)

I am also giving myself until Friday to outline and write 4 blog posts for February. I admit I began school again and got a little lazy with the writing routine. I have started waking up earlier for “me” time which gives me a chance to write and take hold of my day. I am hoping this pays off!

I will update my blog at the end of the week to let you know if my January goals were accomplished.

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Mid-January Goals

I am trying to get in the habit of writing (and posting) my monthly goals. Let’s see how it works out:)

Here are my mid-Jan. goals

1. Finish deep edits to Cycles. So I went through the numbered critiques from the editor and now I need to get on to the meaty things that will add (or take away) LOTS of words. My big deal goal is to finish this by the end of the month. My hope is to send this book back out to betas/CPs by early to mid-February and hopefully start querying by the end of February or beginning of March. (Whew!)

2. Write four blog posts for February. I am doing good on this project for my personal blog but really need to amp it up for the business blog.

What are your January goals?

December Goals

I originally posted this on the Dec-Oct Livejournal:

It has been a while since I posted, and I desperately need to post and get these goals out there. This quarter of grad school ended this past Sunday and gives me a 2 week break (1 of which is a vacation week from work!). So I feel the following goals should be obtainable:

1. Finish edits to Cycles. I sent this novel off to an editor for review because I need a little more than what my CPs were offering and she sent me 4 pages of great stuff! I love this novel – so much that I couldn’t get vested in my Nano project. I want to finish this book – need to finish this book:)
2. Write four blog posts for January. I really have to start building a little blog bank for myself because school and work are now draining my energy.

What are your December goals?

Paper Bag Revisions

As I previously reported, I greatly failed at trying to revise 10 picture books and a New Adult Science Fiction novel. Thus, during the month of June, I am trying to rectify this.

The picture books have been revised and I am now preparing to query. Hooray – I think:)

While doing revisions on the science fiction novel, I wanted a way to organize my main character’s days. This is a very important plot point for the novel and I really needed a way to see this in a BIG way. Cue the paper bag revision.

As I don’t have butcher paper just lying around, I took a brown grocery bag and cut it halfway and spread it out. See the photo below:



After cutting it, I made boxes and put in the chapters. For each chapter, I wrote the words “action” and “what day is this for the character.” Since I had an extra bit of paper left, I made little “family trees” for my major characters so I could keep track. This will help me greatly when writing the sequel:)

Here is another picture of my revision bag:


It is my hope that my revision paper bag will aid me while I incorporate notes from my CPs and add a little more meat to my story.

What are some things you have created for your book revisions?


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