What inspires you?

Ideas race through my mind at various parts of the day.  Some days I am sitting at a traffic light perplexed by the actions of the car in to the left of me. Why are they rushing to answer their phone? Are those tears? Many times inspiration hits while dining out or having a quick coffee.  I sit with my phone or laptop and immerse myself in the people around me.  Why does that husband look so worried – is he worried that she knows.  I mean he doesn’t look like he meant to have the affair, things just got out of hand!

This is the wonderful and scary part of being a writer. Everything about the world excites and inspires me.  It is scary because sometimes it feels like this inner monologue never turns off.


What inspires you? Share in the comments below:)

Campnano Day 15: Inspiration


I thought my head would explode this Saturday. I had hoped to write most of the day on my Campnano novels but life, in the form of allergies, got the best of me. I sat at my computer staring blankly waiting for something to happen – other than my sneezing. When I was on the verge of giving up, my five year old daughter runs in to a room with a Minnie Mouse dress on and a sticker over her right eye saying “I’m a pirate – prepare to walk the plank!”

Inspiration hit!

For me, this created another short story for the picture book series I’m writing. I have five more stories to go to reach my 10 book goal. Through the simple act of playing with my child and really getting to know her, she has inspired so much greatness to happen.

I know many people are writing children’s books and my question to you is where are you pulling your inspiration from – your childhood, your children, kids in the neighborhood. What inspires you as you write?

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