NanoWrimo: 2014 Inspiration

So I, like many of my writing friends, am taking part in National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo) this year. I have participated since 2008 and actually won in 2012.

This year, I am revising, rewriting, and rebuilding a novel that I started in February 2013. I have a had an interesting journey with this novel. It’s a NASciFi piece that I finished as part of a Nano-like competition. It was the first book I fast drafted and completed in a month. It has been through several revisions, was the first book I outlined, and is a book with a series already outlined:)

My big goal with getting involved with NanoWrimo this year was about latching on to inspiration. I really want to latch on to this book, retool it and push it out in the world because I think it ROCKS!

So when seeking inspiration to getting my writing juices flowing, I look to the author of The Lunar Chronicles – Marissa Meyer.

Marissa Meyer began my favorite book series as a nano book! Read about her excellent Nanowrimo journey here.

My biggest take away from her story is that most of what she wrote for The Lunar Chronicles had to be scrapped but that writing all those words served as a great road map.

As I am working on yet another set of revisions for Cycles, I am encouraged thinking of the long journeys writers take. It takes many revisions to get to publication and I am excited to be on this journey.