June Goals (And May Update)

The end of May proved a good time for rest. As I transition into a new position, the time at home has given me the chance to truly clear my mind. I have gotten perspective on things that need revision and a new project. And I have read MANY books (so exciting)!

As for my goals, May was horrible. I did not post regularly to the blog, I almost achieved my 1500 new words goal on my MG book, and I did not revise the PB.

So with all of that said, I have set the following goals for June:

1. Read at least 3 more books. I have missed reading and it’s really the most beneficial thing for writers.

2. 1500 fresh words towards the MG book. I like keeping the word count goals low for now. I’m working on not trying to push the process and let creativity flow.

3. Try to blog at least once a week.

What’s on your plate for June? Share in the comments below!