Nanowrimo Prep: Outlining

After you have decided on an idea, the best step is to outline. I used to be a pantser, but never succeeded in my National Novel Writing Month goes. I would find myself stuck at mid-month, get frustrated, and then shelve the project. However this changed with Campnano.

During this summer version of Nanowrimo, I finished my first novel and it was because I sketched out what I wanted to do with my novel. I learned that I needed a shell – and this has served me well (unintentional rhyme!). I usually shoot for a 12 chapter outline. This is not set in stone! I started with a 12 chapter outline for my last book and ended up with a 26 chapter book once the novel was done.

For my current Nano project, I wrote a little blurb (summary) of what the story will be. Then I outline 10 chapters. I have a clear introduction to the character, a defining action for each chapter, and the ending. For me, I have to know the ending even though this may change as I write.
Outlining this story has really made me eager to begin this project. I can see the story taking shape and ideas just keep flowing in.

Do you outline for nano? Share your strategy in the comments below: