This is the first week that I have had nowhere to go. Recently I left the corporate world to embark on internship. While I wait for background checks and other red tapes to clear, I have a week to myself.
Life is so quiet.
After getting the kids to school, I clean. I take a break for homework (electives), clean some more, and glance at my WIP (so many ideas!). It finally dawned on me that I finally have time to read.

And it has been awesome!
I have read and reread so much great stuff. Reading is so important for a writer because it has the power to re-energize you. When I read a work that someone has put so much passion into, it makes me passionate about my own work. I feel supercharged to outline, write, and create.
And isn’t that passion what writing is all about.
How do you embrace the stillness in your life?