Prep Work

A while ago, on another blog, I posted about prep work.

When you cook a dish, there is a substantial amount of work you must do. You must gather ingredients, chop the onions, and prepare the pans. You just can not look at the ingredients and expect dinner to magically appear. Although that would be nice!

Writing a novel is the same way. As much as we would like to be a successful published author, it is not going to happen overnight. You must practice writing everyday, you must work on your grammar, you must learn to market yourself and most importantly to network. I am a strong believer that networking is key in ANY field. To be a success at anything takes work and writing is no different.

Writing everyday is such a great release to me. I oftentimes struggle with the way I verbally present myself to others but on paper, I feel I am more eloquent. I hope that as I continue crafting my written words, everything else will fall into place.

I am happy to have grown into writer I am today. The contests, the querying, the networking have shaped me into a writer and a person that I proud of. I look forward to continuing my prep work as I forge ahead into becoming a better writer.