February Goals: The End!

Earlier this month I set several goals in regards to a book I was revising. Without further ado, here is how it turned out:

  1. Wrote 4381/6000 new words. I originally set a goal of 6,000 new words thinking that would be needed for my story. Well after deleting, character development, and world building I came in under 6K words – and I’m fine with that. I never wanted to push the words and I feel comfortable with where my story is.
  2. Researched agents for query. I followed #MSWL on Twitter and that was super helpful. I am eager to begin the process sometime in March.
  3. Send novel to Betas/CP. It is going out today!!! Can you envision me doing my happy dance:)

I hope you all were able to reach your goals in February. I am looking forward to drafting a new project in March, so don’t forget to check in on me!

Unmet Goals

shaking head

What was I thinking

Maybe in a world where I didn’t get sick over the Memorial Day writing weekend, I didn’t have grad school, both kids had dance recitals, a graduation, and an awards program – my goals would have been accomplished. Surely I could have revised 10 picture books and a NA Scifi novel in a month. I can only dream. But sleep is precious to me so I had to rearrange my goals.

The picture books have been revised and reviewed. I will read them out loud to some kiddies one more time and by June 3rd start querying. I am very nervous. I have only queried as the result of a pitch contest so this seems very intense to me. I feel like after I hit send I should uncork some bubbly:)

As for the NA Scifi, my hope is that revisions will be done by the end of June. Which will be awesome! That gives me all June to think of nothing but Cailynn and the other characters from the novel – and they deserve my full attention.

I hope your revisions went well this month. As always share any revision stories or tips in the comments below. I also find your words helpful.

Things I have learned from #AskAgent


My favorite thing to do is to troll through the #askagent hash tag. Even if I don’t have a question to ask, I love to see what others are asking and the responses. It is very helpful to any writer and I learn something new on a weekly basis.

Below are some things I feel may be beneficial to others:

1. Patience is key

Agent Juliet Mushens discussed how the time from query to response can sometimes be a lengthy one. I also have many friends who have sent out queries and expect rapid fire response. Folks sometimes it can take up to 3 months. Be patient! Check out Den Patrick’s interview with Juiliet Mushens here: http://www.denpatrick.com/2013/03/juliet-mushens-do-and-donts.html?m=1

2. Mind your word count

11 year olds don’t want to read epic tales! Every #askagent I’ve seen usually has a word count question. I’m even guilty of asking once before! Check out Jennifer Laughran’s post on word count: http://literaticat.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/wordcount-dracula.html

3. Dialogue is key

Read your story out loud. Unrealistic dialogue kills a story and a lot of time this can be caught if you just read your story out loud or have someone read to you.

4. Stop worrying about platform

I have seen SEVERAL agents say this on #askagent. Write your book. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 twitter followers, the best blog ever, and 1500 Facebook friends – if your book is crap, you are not getting an agent. Worry about establishing your platform after you tighten up that novel. (Now of course this advice is different for non-fiction)

What have you learned from #askagent? Share in the comments below:)