Campnano Day 22: Perserverance


We all have those days. It’s like you are a running – the finish line is in sight but you begin to get tired. Your energy becomes sapped, you want a little water, and all you can think about is stopping.

As you slow down, preparing to drop to the ground in defeat, you look at the finish line again. There were people that told you that you would not finish. Heck, you didn’t even think you would make it this far! Now when you focus on the finish line again there is a rush of oxygen to your head, your legs feel stronger, and you feel yourself rushing towards the finish – you are going to make it!

When you write, especially during campnano, your are running a race. You have a goal to meet by the end of the month to put words on the page. Many things will happen to deter you. This month kids spray painted vulgar words on my sidewalk, the kids have ALWAYS had something to do, and the Stats monster has come to claim me. Halfway through the month I wanted to throw in the towel but I perserved. I saw the finish line and got a second win. I am 3000 words away from meeting my 10 story goal for my picture book series. This is a major accomplishment for me.

If you are finding yourself on the verge on quitting, please push forward. The end is near and the world truly needs you to finish your story. We want to hear it.


Taking Time Off


I have been writing non-stop since last June. I have outlined 3 books in a mystery series, 7 picture books, wrote one Adult Cont. Fiction, one NA Dystopian, and of course – I write medical consents for a living.

After I wrote “The End” on the last novel, I had physically couldn’t make myself look at anything else. Now, don’t get me wrong, my brain wanted to. I wanted to look at that novel and nitpick. I wanted to fret over ALL the words and why I wrote them. I was like a drug addict dependent on her words – I had to have them!

But I stopped myself. My head hurt, I was sleepy, and I think I needed sunlight:) I looked at my stack of books to be read, my gym membership, my family, and the beautiful sun outside this past weekend and knew I needed to take time off.

I am so happy I did.

When I looked at my novel Tuesday night, I had a light bulb moment. The perfect prologue came to my mind. I quickly wrote it down and then closed my computer. I have vowed not to look at the manuscript again until this weekend.

Sometimes we need to take time off from our babies. We need a break to bring clarity. I feel like that book was good but after this break – WATCH OUT! I’m going to make this MS great!

What are you working on and when did you get that moment of clarity?

(Also, Martin was the winner of the gift card.  Congrats!)