Revisions: Knowing When To Stop

I simply got tired of looking at my book. I kept looking at the words and waiting for some situation to present itself (or some character to whisper in my ear) – and nothing happened. That is when I knew there was nothing else for me to do.

I feel that we often keep writing and force ourselves to write things that are not good. These words add nothing to the story and are just things that will get cut because they confuse the story or simply just weigh things down. It’s easy when trying to obtain certain word counts to try to push ourselves and add things that are not organic to the story we are telling. If you are not writing a love story, don’t try to force a kissing scene on the reader out of the blue. I mean does this even fit with your high energy police drama!

After examining each chapter and looking at each character, my story told me it was time to let go. It’s at this stage of revisions where you release it to other eyes. From there you make changes and then after reconciling all viewpoints, take comfort into sending it out into the world.

Good luck on your writing journeys:)

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