Revisions: Where do you go?

My life has definitely changed since I finished the first ever draft of my NaSciFi book.
I have changed jobs, finished school, and seen my responsibilities increase. It would be foolish to say that all of these changes have not impacted how I have revised this book – especially since I am just looking at it after putting it away for SEVERAL month.
One thing that has also changed is revisions. For this go round, this is what I have done differently:
1. I printed out a coil-bound, single side printed copy.
2. I am refusing to even look at the Word changes to make corrections until after I have revised the whole paper copy.
3. I have been doing the bulk on the revisions on the train.
I began this revision process at home and found that it just was not working for me. My attention was too easily pulled. However, on the train I am usually just reading or playing a game on my phone. The first time I pulled out the book, magic just happened. I knew then that revising on the train was my sweet spot.

Has anything changed about your revision process? Is there a difference in the space where you write and where you revise? Share in the comments below!