400 Follower Milestone and Giveaway


Earlier in the week I hit 400 followers. As I approached this milestone, I grew very reflective. I am still new to twitter. I joined in November of last year after talking to my different Nanowrimo pals – and I haven’t regretted the decision since!

In my 4 1/2 months on Twitter, I have dived headfirst into the writing community. I actively participate in all manner of #wordsprints and #wordwars and faithfully participate in #writeclub every Friday:)

In December, I learned about the world of contests. Through #pitchwars and #pitchmas I met a group of people that would help me understand pitches, loglines, betas, and CPs and made some good writerly friends in the process.

As I type this (on my blog – which also exists because of my twitter writer friends), I can honestly say that I am a much better writer today than I was 4 months ago. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Okay, now that the crying is over – it’s giveaway time!

In honor of my 400 follower milestone, I am giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card. That’s enough for maybe 2 frappuccinos:) Follow the instructions below (via the rafflecopter link) and I will announce the winner on my blog and twitter on Monday.

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If I had a Tardis


There are 24 hours in a day.  If you think about it, this is a massive amount of seconds, minutes, and hours that gets whittled down daily based on our activities.  But the fact remains that we start each day with 24 hours at our disposal.

For me:

6a I wake up, deal with kids, prep for work, and get to work

815 I arrive at work.  I spend 8 1/2 hours here with the 1/2 being my lunch.

440p I begin my commute home

0540 I am usually home.   I will clean and cook for the family

0630 Usually when I try to have dinner ready

0700 try to take a walk with the family but due to the crazy weather this is usually TV or cleaning time (why am I always cleaning!)

0745-0800 getting the kids ready for bed

0800-1100 watching t, on the computer, random time wasting

1100-1130 trying to go to sleep

I initially wrote this out last summer when I was searching for time to write.  I updated it this weekend to reflect schedule changes.  I am a MPH student, so I didn’t put in “homework/studying time.” Now considering all of this, most people would say, you are over extended.  How can you possibly find time to write. As I look at this schedule now, I see all the time that I wasted.

If I had a Tardis, I would go back to last summer and make better use of my hours.  All that TV time would be whittled away.  I have a DVR! Why do I have the DVR, if I don’t take advantage of it.  And really, a lot of times I am just watching reruns of Friends, Big Bang Theory, Golden Girls, and Doctor Who.  I could be writing.  I could be exercising.

The time to finish my novels, has always been there – I just choose not to utilize it.  I mean, I sit at my desk for lunch and usually read People magazine online.  The time that I’m prepping for dinner, I usually have a quiet 30 minutes where no one is downstairs and something is simmering and doesn’t require my attention.
I am full of excuses and putting it on paper really spelled it out.  There is no excuse for me to not write.

The time has always been there.

If I had a Tardis, I would love to recover all of my wasted hours, but alas – it ain’t happening! What I plan to do, is to be a better steward of my time going forward.

*photo courtesy of springfieldpunx.blogspot.com