Smarty Pants

I consider myself to be pretty smart – not in a Felicity Smoak or Ray Palmer next level robotics, super genius way but I have thirst for knowledge and usually pick up things quickly.

So yesterday, as I read all of the feeds of #IstandwithAhmed and of course read the background (because sometimes I am so incredibly late with my news), my heart sunk.

On social media, everyone talked about how smart this kid is (and HE IS SMART) and they encouraged him. It was heartwarming to see the amount of support but also sad that this had to happen.

It also struck me on a personal level due to my own experiences as a smarty pants kids who became a smarty pants adult.

Ahmed, don’t get too comfortable because this ignorance sadly is not going to stop.

I have worked in the medical field, IT, and now in the government and in all fields I have been belittled and badgered for being the smart kid.

For example, at one job where I was tasked as a project manager, to organize the chaos going on, I was made to feel that “I was being a show-off and trying to do too much” for making a spreadsheet with labeled worksheets. They found it “interesting” that there were “tabby things” because in the past they just listed everything on one sheet and just had to search for stuff.

Mind you my spreadsheet was nothing elaborate. I just trying to make a neat way to track documents and streamline our processes with Microsoft Excel. The comments and looks would have made you think that I created an alternate reality computer program that was going to send people back to the stone ages – because I used a little of my knowledge to try to help. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention this was an IT company.


Ahmed, I hope that you take the incident that happened to you and grow stronger, smarter, and shine brighter because of it. Let is fuel your fire to learn even more and be the next big thing in science. I also hope you have learned a valuable lesson in dealing with haters because no matter how old you get or what setting you are in – you will always have them.